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Deacon Alex and Donna Jones Library
God came in a whirlwind and took Brother Alex home
Saturday, January 14, 2017.
Michigan Catholic Obituary
Here are links to trailers for a documentary about Alex we were never able to fund,
alhtough we have over 100 hours recorded.

Catholic Paradox Trailer: The Story of Alex Jones.
Alex Recalls His Entry into the Catholic Church.

Video Clips, Content Synopses, Credits
We are now shipping Wisdom From Above with a replacment DVD for Disc A that corrects a minor programming problem with Lesson 4. If you have trouble playing back Lesson 4 past 4 min 18 seconds contact us for a replacement DVD. The replacment DVD has a GREEN label. The original has a RED label.
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13 x 28 min episodes on 2 DVDs.
All Regions. English Only.
60% OFF - $14.99

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The Study Guide consists of a 76-page PDF that will be emailed to you. Designed for printing on 8.5 x 11 inch looseleaf paper. You can make as many printed copies as you like after purchase.
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Alex Jones
No Price Too High
Dinner with Alex Jones

This DVD contains two feature length presentations. NO PRICE TOO HIGH and DINNER WITH ALEX JONES. Click MORE INFORMATION for additional info and links.

Donna Jones
My 3 Mothers

This DVD compliments other programs on Alex and Donna Jones' journey to "Apostolic Christianity." Donna Jones tells her enchanting story from farm girl, to urban mother, to Catholic prayer warrior. Click MORE INFORMATION for additional links.

No Price Too High
The dramatic story of clashing cultures and how Alex Jones, the successful pastor of an independent, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Evangelical Church became a Roman Catholic Deacon. Donna Jones also tells her story. Click MORE INFORMATION for additional links.

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