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Our mission is to work with others to develop, produce, and distribute mass media projects that provide entertainment, vanquish fear, and bestow hope -- through the exploration of truth about the human condition, and the God who loves us.


The projects we work on are most often of our own design and funding, but sometimes are in cooperation with a co-sponsor. We also develop, produce, and distribute projects for select clients that include secular feature and television entertainment, and some selected products for Catholic Christian entities. A list of clients that Stan and his associates have served over the years can be found HERE

Current project efforts focus on mainstream short and feature length motion pictures at SWC Films.com

Our self-funded Catholic projects explore the intersection of faith, reason, values, and history as seen through the lens of Roman Catholicism. Many of these projects, through our distribution arm Nineveh's Crossing, have aired on Internatonal Networks such as Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), National Religious Broadcasting (NRB) network, FaithTV, Salt and Light Television, and Catholic TV. All of our projects are available on DVD or CD for purchase through Nineveh's Crossing.

We also support and produce Stan's independent media projects such as his radio appearances, books, and other writing efforts that have appeared in such diverse publications as MovieMaker, Cruising Word, National Catholic Register, and Faith and Science (UK), and on www.CatholicExchange.com.


In all of our business practices and products we strive to:
  • Conform to the Magisterial Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Favor content than educates and promotes critical thinking.
  • Use entertainment to break down barriers.
  • Celebrate humanity.
  • Build up society.
  • Vanquish fear.
  • Bestow hope.


We will celebrate our successes when, as a financially stable business, we are recognized by others as fulfilling our mission and adhering to our Guiding Principles.


Selfish disregard for others leads to fear and oppression;
but selfless sacrifice for others leads to hope and freedom.

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