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My 3 Mothers
A Tea with Donna Jones & Janet Ray
From SWC Films - Directed by: Stanley D. Williams, Ph.D.

Surprising Discoveries About Catholicism

Join host Janet Ray (wife of Catholic author and speaker Steve Ray), and five friends of different Christian faiths as they put questions to Donna Jones (wife of Deacon Alex Jones) about the challenges, rewards, the ups, and the downs of her faith journey from Pentecostalism to Catholicism. A great compliment to the autobiography book written by Alex and Donna NO PRICE TOO HIGH as told to Diane Hanson, and the two video programs that Stan Williams produced, now available on a single DVD. See the JONES BUNDLE in the right hand column.

Jacket Notes Donna Jones' husband, Alex Jones, was a respected pastor of a successful Pentecostal church in Detroit, Michigan. When he began to study the writings of the Early Church Fathers in preparation for a mid-week Bible Study, he became depressed, and withdrew from his family's normal activities. When Donna discovered he was studying Catholicism, under the guise of what he was calling apostolic traditions, she decided that he was under a "strong delusion" that needed correction. Her plan was to read some of the material he was bringing home to study, and then counter his misunderstanding with Scripture from her King James Bible.

But what she read from piles of Alex's study materials surprised her. She discovered that the Early Church Fathers had a much deeper commitment to saying "Yes!" to Christ than the devout Pentecostal traditions in which she was raised.

When Alex surprised her with a decision to become Catholic, Donna thought he had lost his mind. This was the man that, for years, had taught that Catholicism was the Great Whore of Revelations, and that the pope was the anti-Christ.

What followed was a traumatic conflict of class, culture and religions as both Alex, and then Donna, confronted the rejection of family, friends, and peers. Three-fourths of the members of their church left, but surprisingly the rest followed Alex and Donna, and their three sons' families into Roman Catholicism.

In this DVD, hosted by Janet Ray, Donna is quizzed by five friends, some Catholic and some Protestant. They discover that Donna, a woman of prayer, faith, and King James Scripture, has made some surprising discoveries about Roman Catholicism.

In this wide-ranging discussion you'll discover how Donna's faith and character were formed by her birth mother and a revered church mother of her Pentecostal past. You'll, also hear about the lessons she learned as a child, her courtship with Alex, her often painful journey into Catholicism -- and the other mother in her life, who, at arial of great danger, shared with Donna the pains and agony of motherhood.

Chapter Titles
  • That was My Mom's Life
  • Do You Love God?
  • We will Go with the Unsaved Businessman
  • Somehow Mother Boyd was Always in the Back Seat of the Car
  • I've Got a Hedge Around You
  • A Present Help in the Time of Trouble
  • I Knew He Was in a Battle
  • I Wasn't Planning on Being Eaten by the Lions
  • The Fruits of the Spirit Were Reaching Me
  • Tell Steve I'm Catholic
  • No One Knows but Another Mother
Bonus Track: An Object Lesson on Prayer
  • Melting Shortening and Prayer
please contact Donna by writing her a message on the CONTACT TAB at the Deacon Alex Jones Ministry webpage. Click on the BUY HERE button below.

My 3 Mothers DVD

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