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No Price Too High
by Alex and Donna Jones
with Diane Hanson - Book

Comment from Stan Williams, Ph.D., Filmmaker

I have been privileged to document the faith journey of Alex and Donna Jones since 2000 on videotape. Shortly after my conversion from Evangelicalism to Catholicism in 1997-1998, I had been looking for a "narrative character" to help create a documentary that would get at the truth and clarify the gross historical and contemporary misunderstandings about Catholicism. I was expecting to find a personage from history to "follow" and to write my script around.

But in the summer of 1999, Steve Ray persuaded me to attend a conference in Steubenville, Ohio, to which he had dragged Alex and Donna Jones, early in their journey. It took only a few minutes of talking to Alex in the living room of a boarding house before I realized that my historical character was a contemporary African American preacher who lived and pastored a church only a few miles from my home back in Michigan. It was one of those moments in life I'll never forget.

Over the months that followed, Alex and I met for lunch, and I tried to sell him on trusting me to follow him around with my cameras. Eventually he agreed. We started shooting on March 1, 2000. Tomorrow, August 25, 2006 Alex will speak before nearly 3,000 at a Detroit Catholic Men's Conference, and I once again will put a "wire" on him, and follow him around as he meets people, prays, and preaches... now as a Deacon in the Catholic Church.

Sitting a few feet from my editing system, upon which I am typing this into our website, are nearly 100 hours of footage that slowly have made their way into a number of television and video products, with a couple more on the way. Two of those programs, "No Price Too High" (the video) and "Dinner with Alex Jones" (that I produced for St. Joseph Communications), have sold thousands, and have aired repeatedly on EWTN over the past 3+ years. Thanks to EWTN tens of thousands have heard this fascinating tale.

But there is more to come. For years I've been working on a multi-part television documentary that will SHOW many of the events that, up to now, have only be talked or written about, even as it explores the logical and linguistic fallacies that have hampered Christian unity. And recently we recorded a wonderful extended interview with Donna Jones, and staged an elaborate "tea" with six other ladies (some Protestants) who question her about her journey after they had read an early draft of the book.

I'm thrilled that this biography is out, that Alex and Donna wrote with my journalist friend Diane Hanson... who sits, by the way, at table in "Dinner with Alex Jones," and is in Donna's "Tea." The documentaries we're working on will bring this book to life. Since Diane, myself, Alex and Donna, Steve and Janet Ray, and a host of others have been involved in this incredible story, the book and the documentaries will be beautiful companions that will document a wonderful series of events in the history of the Christian Church. I'm thrilled to have been part of all this. Now... a word from the publisher.

Publisher's Description
Alex Jones was an "on-fire" Pentecostal minister in Detroit who was a completely dedicated shepherd of his flock. He greatly loved his people and they loved him. In seeking to give his flock the most genuine experience of the early Church prayer and worship services, he carefully read Scripture, the Fathers of the Church and writings of the early saints. The more he read, the more Alex came to the startling conclusion that the present day Catholic Church - and the Holy Mass - is the same exact "worship service" from the very early Church.

Alex began to share his findings with his parish, and eventually Alex, and most of his parish, joined the Catholic Church. This is his incredible story of a black Pentecostal minister's challenging and dramatic spiritual journey, and the flock that followed him. Today he preaches with his usual passion about Christ - as a Catholic deacon!

This book tells the story of Alex's life from his childhood all the way to his conversion to Catholicism in 2001. It simultaneously tells the story of his wife, Donna, and her spiritual journey as well, which shows how they were not always on the same path during Alex's preparation for entering the Catholic Church. Each had to be personally, deeply convinced that this momentous, life-changing and career-changing spiritual decision was God's will for them. Illustrated with numerous photos.

About the Authors
Alex Jones grew up as a devout Pentecostal, became a devoted Pentecostal minister, and later converted to the Catholic Church. Today he is a Catholic deacon who speaks at many conferences each year around the country.

Diane Hanson is a free-lance writer from Michigan.

Product Details

  • Paperback: 275 pages
  • Publisher: Ignatius Press (March 25, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0898709199
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No Price Too High

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