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Nineveh's Crossing Study Guides

Nineveh's Crossing Study Guides are loose leaf documents that consist of content driven questions with citations for research and space to write-in answers. In the back, the questions are repeated with the answers. The hardcopy documents are printed on one side of 20# bond white paper (for easy of copying), and come to you with a cardboard backing, shinkwrapped. You can purchase a study guide by clicking the ADD TO CART button.

Although the Study Guides are copyrighted, you have permission to copy them for educational use, but not for resale. Some Study Guides are only available as a hardcopy that will be shipped to you. Others are only available for purchase as a PDF attachment in an e-mail that we will send to you. The type of availability is noted above each ADD TO CART button.

If you purchase a hardcopy and also want a PDF e-mailed to you, please write us an email with that request and we will send the PDF to you at no additional charge.

Common Ground: What Protestants and Catholics Can Learn From Each Other

61 pages.
Order Common Ground DVD Here

Order Common Ground BOOK Here
(contains DVD transcript and Study Guide content)

CG Study Guide
20% OFF
KC-SG: $6.00 each
Dr. Ray Guarendi & Fr. Kevin Fete's
What Catholics Really Believe

113 pages.
(Questions + Answers)
Order What Catholics Really Believe DVD Here
WCRB Study Guide
30% OFF
RG3-SG: $6.72 each
Deacon Alex Jones
Wisdom From Above: Bible Study on Epistle of James

Downloadable PDF: 76 pages.
(Questions + Answers)
Order Wisdom From Above DVD Here
WFA Study Guide
PDF Download
WFA-SG: $4.99 each
Dr. Ray Guarendi's
Why Be Catholic?

32 pages.
Order Why Be Catholic? DVD Here
WBC Study Guide
RG2-SG: $2.99 each
Coach Gerry Faust's
Three Miracles of Happiness

Downloadable PDF: 36 pages.
Order Three Miracles of Happiness DVD Here
3MH Study Guide
PDF Download
GF1-SG: $2.99 each

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