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What Catholics Really Believe
Dispelling the Misrepresentations and Misunderstandings of Historic Christianity with Scripture and Tradition.
DVD, Book & Study Guide

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Endorsements from Customers

The best!!!! Answered the basics with thoughtfulness, humor, and authority. I will be buying another(s) in the near future. (RC)

I watched the series before taking my first step on my journey to the Catholic Church. I come from an evangelical background and this series answered many of my questions. It was easy to follow, and put simply the truths that I was having difficulty with. I was accepted into the Church at the Easter Vigil 2010. (AB)

Dear Dr. Williams: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! We are so excited to receive the Study Guide for "What Catholics Really Believe." We will first use it at home (plus, we homeschool) and are hoping to use it for a Bible Study/Catholic Study at our church! Thank you so very much for all of this hard work. AND, we will continue to pass on information about Nineveh's Crossing and your wonderful Catholic materials! Blessings to all. In His Name, Norbert & Patricia Stiepel (Mt. Pleasant, SC)

I have received my parcel - thank you very much.Thank you for your prompt service. I am really enjoying the book - What Catholics Really Believe. It really does answer the questions which I am so often asked by my non-Catholic family and friends. This book is just the one for people like me - coming into the Catholic Church from an evangelical background. (I was received into the Church at Easter Vigil 2010). I really appreciate having it all written down - unfortunately I don't hear well (even with my hearing aids) and the sound quality was not very good on the programmes screened on EWTN. I watched them, but missed things. Now I am getting it all. Thank you very much - it was a great idea to have it all printed out. I haven't been through the question and answer sections yet - I am just enjoying reading it. I will do that later! I must also comment on the pictures. They are lovely - so well thought out. Someone has put a lot of time and effort into this. A big thank you to all of you and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. (Gillian Alborough, U.K.)

Dr Ray is great as always. Besides all the great info, the sincerity, love and pure intention of sharing the truth shines through from both Dr Ray and Fr Kevin, and it's hard to offend someone if they feel you truly have a good intention and desire only good for them. (GO)

I had been raised a Catholic. Upon meeting my Protestant husband, however, I started to attend Protestant bible studies and services with him. Though I initially grew in those ten years, I came to realize I was growing only in the knowledge of the written word, and not the living faith. I then started to yearn for the Catholic teachings and traditions once more. But "coming home" was no longer a straight and simple matter. Church teachings that I used to take for granted, I now felt the need to defend. So, coming across the series was truly a blessing, not only because it covered topics which my husband considered as big hurdles in accepting Catholicism, but the series also helped me come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of my faith. Dr. Ray's "Protestant" background definitely helped establish rapport and credibility for the Protestant audience. The Q&A format, and analogies/anecdotes employed by Fr. Kevin made it easy for non-Catholics to understand and digest. (CH)

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen said once that those who hate the Catholic Church for what it is, are very few; but those who hate it because of what they THINK it s, are very, very many. This [project], with its clear explanations of the church's doctrines and practices, as well as its true fidelity to historic reality, may be a heaven-sent gift, and opportunity for many, to help break down barriers of mutual ignorance, that have divided Christians for so long. It clearly shows that our Faith is completely reliable - solidly based on divine revelation - both in Scripture and Tradition, and in full agreement with science. I hope it enjoys a very wide [audience], both among Catholics and anyone who wishes to honestly inquire into this mysterious faith called "Catholic". (JB)

I think that often Catholics don't always know how to answer non Catholics in enough detail and with clear enough answers for non-Catholics to fully understand what Catholics believe regarding especially Transubstantiation and why we pray for the Blessed Mother and the Saints to intercede for us. For the non-Catholic community I believe they will be surprised to know that although we are not "sola scriptura" everything that the Catholic Church teaches is based on Scripture. (IS)

Witty, clear, concise, and compelling! This is a very effective tool for showing the Scriptural, logical, and historical foundations of the Catholic Faith. Great for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. I am the Consultant for RCIA and Adult Faith Formation in the Office of Religious Education of our archdiocese. (KN)

Unfortunately, most Catholics do not know what they believe. I thought I was a very informed, practicing Catholic, and the series cleared up some of my long standing misunderstandings of our precious faith as well as encouraging me to stand firm in discussions with Catholics who don't think it important to get informed. (PC)

This programme shows not only what Catholics really believe but, based on Sacred Scripture, why we believe. (FA)

I used the DVD series in a class and everyone loved it. The humor of both presenters is appreciated and the catechetical materials were true to the faith Tradition of the Church. This is a Solid Gold product! (NO)

I watched the DVD's and think they were the most compelling discussions I've seen yet. (RE)

The "What Catholics Really Believe" DVD series is an excellent tool for stimulating group discussion on the basics of our faith. I have used this series in an adult group discussion setting and it was very effective in not only informing us, but stimulating our thoughts and encouraging us to share with each other regarding what we personally really believe as adults. (KA)

I love the DVD set. It's quite easy to understand and enough humor in it to lighten things up without going overboard. It's very informative. If you want to learn some basics about the Catholic faith (and a little more) this is an excellent tool. (SM)

Dr. Ray: I just wanted to thank you for your series "What Catholics Really Believe". I have been watching them daily while I work out and have learned so much about my faith. Every day since I've started watching them, the lesson I watched has been affirmed sometime during that day. Last night I had a chance to defend my faith, and it was because of these DVD's and the information on them that I was able to do just that! Thank you and God Bless you for your awesome ministry! You were truly blessed to have known and had as your friend Fr. Fete. May he rest in PEACE. Thanks again. Colleen

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