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David's Bio: David Crawford was born in Georgia, USA in 1969. His father is a Methodist minister and his mother a middle school teacher. He attended a university in Alabama and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education.Today he is happily married with two young, wonderful daughters, and has been teaching at the same school for his entire teaching career. He taught middle school band for 7 1/2 years then switched to the computer lab so he could spend evenings with his daughters instead of on the marching band rehearsal field. Receiving his Master's in Media from a university in Georgia, he currently serves as his school's media specialist. With a variety of brass instruments, David has played with the Rome (GA) Symphony Orchestra, the 8th Regiment Civil War Band, and the Roman Festival Brass. He currently writes, sings and plays guitar with "Spatial Effects" a bluegrass band made up of songwriting friend Thomas J. Brown, Earl Brackin and Betsy Blankenship. With Tom, David co-wrote a two act bluegrass musical titled, "Fat Shirley's: A Trailer Park Opera" which has been staged in Georgia, Louisiana and Bristol, UK in 2008.

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