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Lyrics are included in a 12-page booklet insert.

The Great Musicians Who Shared Their Talent
  • DAVID LEWIS CRAWFORD-vocals/guitar
  • ROBERT TYE-lead guitar
  • DAN KOLTON-bass
  • DAN MASLANKA-drums
  • ALICE SAURO-1st violin
  • VICTORIA HALTOM-2nd violin
  • LINDA TOLIAS-viola
  • PAUL WINGERT-cello
  • ANN LEMKE-english horn
  • AL JACQUEZ-harmonica/add. guitar
  • TERRY HERALD-add. guitar/add. keyboard

  • Executive Producer: Stanley D. Williams
  • Produced, Arranged, & Engineered by Terry Herald
  • Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered, GOH Studios, Oakland, MI
  • Photography: Bradd Packer, Tom Dickson
  • Copy Editor: Mary (Freeman) Lyle
  • Graphic Design & Layout: Stanley D. Williams
  • Manufactured by: Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ
  • Special Thanks: Josh & Christin Williams, Instigators A
  • Special Thanks: Michael Sroka, Instigator B

FROM DAVID: Some of the most beautiful and memorable experiences occur on the side roads of the main highways of life. I wrote these songs because they were therapeutic for me, and a lot less expensive than seeing a shrink -- although I don't think there are any around where I live - we've driven them all out. After I started singing some of this stuff, I had no idea so many other parents would identify with my experience - I thought it was only me. But, after posting a couple songs on YouTube it became clear, and that I was not alone in the frustrations, confusion, or anxiety. Reading their reaction to my crazy life was comforting. They also reminded me that love, commitment and faith are very much a normal and necessary part of raising children. Expressing fear, hope, love, and chaos through music is one way I can relieve some tension and refocus. (I mean it's a lot safer than Hyperventilatin'... hmmm, now there's a song title.) As you listen to these songs, I sincerely hope you will find a similar relief and are renewed with a profound awareness that raising children brings with it experiences that are common to all families, and the love we have for our families is a love that carries us forward. As Dr. Ray Guarendi (the one shrink I know - and he moved to Ohio) says "Raising kids is too important not to laugh about it."

ABUNDANT APPRECIATION: So many people to thank, and the font is so small. I'd like to thank my wife Amy and our two daughters. Without a doubt, this project would never have happened without Amy's support and encouragement. My two daughters are clever, funny, and a joy to be around; is it any wonder they are the inspiration for many of my exaggerated lyrical ramblings? Next I'd like to thank Tom Brown for initially sharing his talents as a lyricist, poet, and musician. I don't know if I would have found the path I'm on now if he hadn't stepped out of the deep thicket of society and offered to walk a while with me. The band Spatial Effects (Tom Brown, Earl Brackin and Betsy Blankenship) keep me playing and inspire me to keep writing. Obviously a project like this, with so many talented people working to create something of quality, requires someone willing to take a leap of faith, and faith abounds in Stan Williams. Stan contacted me about producing this album and it has been a joy getting to know him and his beautiful family. His organization, attention to detail, creative input, encouragement, and desire to make this project the best it can be are more than evident and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you Stan! Terry Herald arranged, recorded, mixed, set up studio times and contacted musicians. He is wonderful to work with and I appreciate his input and direction in the studio, as well as his keen ear and arranging talents. Thank you Terry! And an incredible thank you to James Stonehouse who by ear crafted the tracks from scratch on a keyboard for Sabre Dance Morning and Spoiled Bumblebee. Simply amazing work, James! Thanks to my parents. I can say with absolute certainty, no doubt whatsoever, there is no question in my mind -- I definitely wouldn't be here without them. I love you both and appreciate all you did and continue to do for me. Thanks to the Whitfield County School employees who supported me and Tom at convocations. Thanks to Tom Dickson for taking some of the pictures for this album, and thanks to his wife Sherry for sitting patiently while my daughters "entertained" her with dances, gymnastics routines, and heaven only knows what stories they told her. Thanks to the "groupies" who follow Spatial Effects around. Thanks to my fellow teachers, church family, extended family, and all who have supported and encouraged me. I hope you laugh, smile, reflect, question, and enjoy what you have helped create.

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Songs & Lyrics: Copyright © 2011, David Crawford & SWC Films, unless otherwise attributed on the liner notes. All Rights Reserved.
Executive Producer: Stanley D. Williams, Ph.D. - Producer/Arranger/Engineer: Terry Herald - Distribution: Nineveh's Crossing