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Below are links to five FREE downloads that we recorded for use by one of our adult daughters when she was going through a particularly difficult time. To help her go to sleep one of us would sit by her bed and read these prayers a loud. Doing so helped her relax, trust God, and sleep well. We put them to tape and later to CD, and she used them whenever she needed to rid herself of anxiety. Today, we use them ourselves as we walk, drive, or try to go to sleep. I plug in my iPhone earplugs, turn down the volume real soft, and pray with them until I'm asleep. Works every time to calm my AAA mind. We pray they will draw you, too, closer to Christ and the Trinity. If you use them, let us know if you'd like more.

INSTRUCTIONS: If you need help downloading your files see the suggestions at: DOWNLOADING MP3 FILES . Clicking on this link will open up a new window or tab.

Most Holy Name of Jesus mp3 (5:06)

Most Holy Trinity mp3 (5:09)

Most Precious Blood of Jesus mp3 (2:58)

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus mp3 (3:38)

Resignation to the Will of God mp3 (4:14)

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