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If a DVD or CD you've received from us does not work

1. We have sold thousands of DVDs and CDs. The only disc that was ever returned to us (to date) that did not work was an Audio CD that was snapped in two. We didn't ask who did it. We just replaced it.

However, it is entirely possible that you may receive a product from us that is defective. Just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it can't. We're sorry if you are the unfortunate customer who that happens to.

Before you return the disc to us, however, please check the following.

2. The following are troubleshooting suggestions for you to try. All of these suggestions come from our experience with past customers.

  • Check to be sure your player is on and properly connected to your monitor or speaker systems.
  • Make sure you are trying to play a DVD in a DVD player and not in an Audio CD player. If you are using a computer, be aware that not all computers have DVD playback software on them.
  • Try another DVD to make sure it works. Just because you played a DVD last week in this same player, doesn't mean the player still works. A common malady in older players is dust that gets on the laser pick-up lens.
  • If you are not technically savvy about entertainment centers, ask a spouse or friend who is, to ensure that everything is hooked up properly, and the right buttons are pushed. (We replaced one customer's Audio CD twice before she asked her husband. She had selected the wrong button. The CD's were okay.)

3. If the above suggestions do not work here is what you should do. Return the DVD or CD to us with a copy of the invoice. When it returns we will test the disc. If we find the disc is defective, we will replace it free of charge. If we find the disc is okay, we will refund your money.

Nineveh's Crossing - Return Policy

This is real simple. We will replace or refund (our choice... but you can suggest) any product or products that we sell to you (retail or wholesale) provided the following conditions are met.

1. You return a copy of the original receipt or packing slip.

2. It's been less than one year from when we shipped it to you. If it's been longer than one year your excuse better be pretty original and entertaining.

3. If the product is unopened and the sealing tape is in tact, no questions. Your refund or replacement will be on its way, via the same way you original paid for it, as soon as we get the inventory back in stock. No need to contact us first, just send it, with the original receipt or packing slip, and a note of explanation to our shipping address. See contract tab. If it's the wrong size or color, sorry -- we only sell product in one size and color.

4. If the DVD or CD is not playable or not working (even if you used is for a Frisbee), we will replace it with one that does work. If it really looks bad we'll charge you for shipping and handling. If it's our fault, we'll refund your shipping. But try not to scratch these things up too bad, or use them for skeet. One hole in 'em is enough.

5. If you've died and gone on to heaven (we have a list and check it daily) we will not refund or replace any product. We figure the product probably was worth it.

Signed: Jonah

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